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Sources of Water

Our water source is the Monongahela River. This is a surface water type of source, which is located approximately 3 miles east of Carmichaels.

A Source Water Assessment of our source was completed in 2002 by the PA Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP). The assessment found our source to be the most susceptible to contamination from mine drainage, sewage discharges, chemical spills from industry, railroad spills, barge spills, and roadway spits. There can also be contamination from farming, logging, recreational activities, underground storage tanks and terrorism. Overall our source has a high risk of contamination. A summary report is on file at the Authority office at 104 North Pine Street and on the PADEP website at http://www.dep.state.us (Keyword DEP source water). Complete reports were distributed to municipalities, water supplier, local planning agencies and PADEP offices. Copies of the complete report are available for review at the PADEP Southwest Regional Office, Records Management Unit at (412) 442-4000.


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